Lyric Video Premiere: Love Me in the Dark’s “Circle Up the Wagons”

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photo by Denis M. Hannigan

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Love Me in the Dark’s video “Circle Up the Wagons” from their self-titled release, which was produced by Steve McCormick, mixed by Johnnie Burik, and mastered by Ron Boustead.

“Circle Up the Wagons” is Steve McCormick on lead vocals, guitars, bass, Hammond B3, and percussion; Heather Donavon on backing vocals; Michael Jerome on drums and Eric Heywood on pedal steel guitar.

The video was produced by Heather Donavon.  This song is a testament to the bonds of family and, moreover, to the most supportive elements of humanity in general.  “Circle Up the Wagons” has never been more timely than today.

“Circle Up the Wagons” was written by Steve McCormick before he and co- LMITD band mate Heather Donavon got together. Heather had left California  and returned home to Texas upon hearing of her father’s diagnosis of cancer (now thankfully in remission). Impressed by the way her family pulled together, Steve wrote this song. Though that is what the song is about, the phrase itself derives from a period in American history when settlers were migrating along the Oregon trail in covered wagons. In researching this era, McCormick read about some historical events and added some of the language to the lyric for feel and authenticity. That said, the song’s theme of family unity during hard times, and men’s support of women in particular, is universal, and hopefully resonates beyond the historical reference. ** See below — Love Me in the Dark

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** Disclaimer: This song is intended as a metaphor for people coming together during difficult times. Any historical references are included only to extend that figure of speech, and add life and authenticity to the feel of the lyric, and decidedly not to “choose sides” or “appropriate” culturally. We wholeheartedly sympathize with Native Americans, whether members of the Blackfoot Nation or any other. Our objective is to promote unity and bring comfort to those in need.

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