Song Premiere: Chris Titchner’s “Strong Cup of Coffee”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Chris Titchner’s “Strong Cup of Coffee” from his forthcoming album Already Gone, due to be released on Feb 21. Already Gone was engineered by Chris Rosser, and produced by Chris Rosser and Chris Titchner.

“Strong Cup of Coffee” is Chris Titchner on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Chris Rosser on electric guitat and bass; River Guerguerian on drums; David Johnson on pedal steel and violin; with Becca Smith and Coty Hoover (Admiral Radio) on vocals.

Chris Titchner’s very 70’s folk music style on Already Gone is a breath of fresh air. Listen to “Strong Cup of Coffee” and keep your tissues handy.

I love language and playing around with form, but, perhaps as a result, I often find myself writing lyrics that are more complicated than they necessarily need to be. When I set out to write this song I actively tried to keep it simple. Some of the most powerful songs are the simplest. And often, when someone is looking back at their numerous mistakes or feeling nostalgic for a time, it’s often the mundane or insignificant moment or memory that comes clearly to mind and carries the biggest punch. I tried to capture some of that with this song.

I heard the extensive three-part harmonies for this song in my head pretty early on. I stumbled across Admiral Radio on Instagram and was taken by them right away. Their vocal blend and the way their voices complemented the other’s made me just want to keep listening. I realized that for this song it made so much sense to use singers who were already comfortable singing together. Plus, I thought our three voices would blend really well. I cold wrote them and asked, and they agreed to do it. Becca even agreed to sing on a few more tracks. I love the pedal steel, the violin, and the walk on the guitars, but it’s the vocals that really make the song for me. — Christ Titchner

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