Video Premiere: West My Friend’s “All These Things”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of West My Friend’s “All These Things.” The footage is from their recent album release show, with a 53 member orchestra, filmed at the Alix Goolden Performance Hall in Victoria, British Columbia. The song is from their recent album which was produced by Joby Baker, co-produced and with orchestral arrangements by Adrian Dolan.

“All These Things” is Eden Oliver on guitar and vocals; Alex Rempel on mandolin and vocals; and Jeff Poynter on accordion and vocals, along with an entire orchestra. The video was filmed by Shiraz Higgins.  Eden Oliver’s ethereal vocals will draw your attention, and the skill of the clear arrangement of the music will strike you as remarkable with its gentle, pronounced, easy feel.

“All These Things” weaves everyday images of my Grandmother’s cooking in with thoughts on the afterlife and reincarnation. The song asserts that everything in life is imbued with the meaning you give it and expresses my deep desire to make each moment count. The experience of performing it with orchestra and choir is one I’ll never forget. — Eden Oliver

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  1. Sublime. I have goosebumps. My son just saw me typing this comment and said ‘mummy, you really love West My Friend, like someone who really loves a band and tells them’. Yep.

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