Show Review: Hangover Ball 2020: Through the Lenses of a Trio of Photographers

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Photos by photographers: Robert Millage, Rob Brown, and Sean Payne

The Hangover Ball features a lineup of stellar musicians year after year on the Cain’s Ballroom stage. A reunion of sorts, between old friends that have become family throughout the years. For the fans it is a new beginning to a new year. Everyone still hungover from the night before. The artists with limited to no sleep after playing New Years Eve shows across the country and then hopping on a plane or driving to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the place to be to start your year if you are a fan of live music. The historic Cain’s Ballroom and Cody Canada present an event that is unmatched anywhere else in the country.

Below, feast your eyes on three separate slide shows from three separate photographers at the event!

This year’s lineup included:

Here was our view of the evening through the lenses of photographers Robert Millage, Rob Brown, and Sean Payne.

Robert Millage:

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Rob Brown:

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Sean Payne:

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