EP Premiere: Carman A.D.’s “Wilderness” prod. John Calvin Abney

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Americana Highways brings you this steaming EP premiere of Carman A. D.’s Wilderness produced by Americana music’s darling John Calvin Abney and Drew Carman; recorded and mixed at Ramble Creek Studio by Britton Biesenhetz and mastered by Jim Wilson Mastering.  Other musicians on album are Bonnie Whitmore, Carson McHone, Adam Nurre, Bryan McGrath, Calloway Ritch, and Sam Kossler.

Grounded in the blues, Wilderness showcases Carman A.D.’s electric Southern power rock style with added production shine by John Calvin Abney.  They didn’t even record this album for CD production in their quest for the raw.   

On the title track “Wilderness”:  Although the song was originally written as a way to explore and deal with the sudden death of Porter and Mitch, it’s really about looking ahead at the unknown space that comes to all of us after any life changing event. Could be good, could be bad, long happiness or seemingly unending depression…we just don’t know why or how long. Ultimately, this song’s about just being content and calm with that….that unknown. — Drew Carman  


On the EP as a whole:  I turned back to songwriting after stepping away from music for some time. It was the only way I knew how to work through the loss of 3 best friends in as many years.  A few of these songs (as well as some that haven’t been recorded) were initially written as a coping mechanisms after their deaths, but as I started play and write again, I realize that making and playing music didn’t also have to be gone from my life too.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to have my music on 180grams. We didn’t mess with pressing CDs for this one.    

The EP was recorded at Ramble Creek Studios…the same place Porter had recorded his last album two years prior. I was fortunate to have some of our same pals work on this project with me as well; Bonnie, John Calvin, Britton. You can’t help but channel some of that good Porter mojo with a lot the same gang involved.

This being my first album release since moving to Texas, I couldn’t think of a more purely Austin venue than Hole in the Wall to have the release. Getting my buddy James Stienle play the release show with us is just a natural fit. He’s one of my favorite songwriters in town and actually just released a live album recorded in the front room of Hole in the Wall this past year.

With John Calvin producing the album with me, he brought out sounds and arrangements that made the songs glow even more than I would have ever expected. I’d send him demos while he was on the road a few weeks leading up the session so he could wrap his head around the tunes and we’d chat about them. Then he flew to town in between a string of shows, took an Uber straight from the airport to the studio and we knocked ’em all out with everyone in a weekend.  Then I believe he flew back to Oklahoma just to turn around on another run of shows. He’s an animal. — Drew Carman 

Learn more here: https://www.carmanadmusic.com/merch/wilderness-ep and find out about the EP rejease show Jan 10 @ HOLE IN THE WALL, Austin, Tx: https://www.facebook.com/events/974798539586004/

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