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‘smallsongs’ is a youtube series brought to you by Americana Highways that features small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities around the world, featuring musical acts at their rawest.

Last week Sleepy Gaucho started his tour in Denver, and I filmed him performing a cover of the legendary Blaze Foley song “Oval Room” in front of the Colorado State Capitol Building.

Watch it at:

Andy of Sleepy Gaucho said “I think folk music isn’t all about keeping songs alive, it’s just as much about carrying on their sentiment. There is much more to a tune than just a story and a melody. In my view Blaze Foley is a pillar of the edge that songs can have, and he spoke universal truths to which all humans can relate. “Oval Room” is just how many Americans feel right now, and the song was written 30 years ago. So what has changed? Nothing.”

Later Andy said that “I’ve been hard at work on the sophomore album. You can expect a lot of similarities to the first, but with a much more honed in vision. Entitled “Morning Light”, the album is set to be released late spring/early summer 2020″

‘smallsongs’ was conceived in Roatan, Honduras and born in Denver. It is primarily an urban series, so it was only natural to have the Denver movie that I made featured on the channel. As this series expands the goal over these next couple years is to travel from city to city across North America, and also make city movies like ‘cold in denver’


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