Song Premiere: Banjolectric’s “Perfect World”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Banjolectric’s “Perfect World” from his upcoming release As Above, available on November 19. “Perfect World” features Gregory Mulkern on all instruments.

Banjolectric combines innovative technical skill with raw gritty vocals to achieve an enchanting effect. You’ll be absolutely mesmerized by the eclectic blend.

You can’t write a love song if you’re not in love. You certainly can’t record it if you’re not in love. This song came together quickly while I was lying in bed in a sunbeam, imagining what it would be like to have someone there to sing to. I was thinking about Nick Drake. The bowed instrument is a nyckelharpa – the official instrument of Sweden. It pre-dates the violin, and as an incredibly complicated hand-crafted instrument with moving parts and resonant strings, it has a kind of DIY sound that was perfect for this song.– Gregory Mulkern

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