Song Premiere: Chris Catalena’s “Sometimes”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Chris Catalena’s “Sometimes” from his debut self-titled album, which features Nate Ryan, Nick Murray, Jordan Odom, Kyle Mullarky, Ryan Rapsys, and Sean ‘Sheriff’ Caffey.  The album was recorded by Kyle Mullarky at the Pump House in Topanga Canyon, CA and Nate Ryan at Ultra Sound Studios in Los Angeles, CA; and was produced by Chris Catalena, Kyle Mullarky, and Nate Ryan.

In an old fashioned country love song, Catalena has tapped into a universal feeling of disconnection.  Chris Catalent’s entire debut album is a likable old style musical journey.

This song is the direct product of me begging a young woman for her spare time, and the words are just thoughts I had in the heat of the moment when I was coming on to the realization that I was probably begging the wrong girl to marry me. It didn’t even feel like I authored this song when I got it. I wrote it down so fast it felt like I was transcribing words from a conversation I was privy to, like listening to the neighbors fight in a hotel room. — Chris Catalena

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