Album Premiere: Simone White’s “Letter to the Last Generation”

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Americana Highways brings you this streaming album premiere of Simone White’s Letter to the Last Generation. Letter to the Last Generation was produced and engineered by Pete Min at Lucy’s Meat Market, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, and mastered by Jim Wilson. The album is Simone White on guitar and vocals; Jebin Bruni on synths and piano; Abe Rounds on drums; Kaveh Rastegar on bass; Pete Min on guitar (1,7); Larry Goldings on synths (1); Jamire Williams on drums (1); Andrew Bird on violin (7); and Chris Dave on drums (7).  The album artwork is by Alex Mata.

With a very vibey, innovative musical buildup, each song on the album has its own cascade of emotion.  With her gritty vocals, and the instruments set to ambient, White paints echoey apocalyptic portraits.

Everyone who has heard this album says it’s my best so far and it almost didn’t get made. I was weeks away from moving from LA to NY and was in the studio with Pete Min recording a song we had co-written with Jebin Bruni. The vibe with the band that day (Jebin on synths, Abe Rounds on drums and Kaveh Rastegar on bass) was so inspiring, I felt excited about making another record, something I’d been putting off for years.

That song became ‘Letter to the Last Generation,’ the title track to an album that feels to me like a transformation of heartache, darkness and doubt into hope. The sound that came out of working with Pete and the great musicians he gathered paired with all my preoccupations and weltschmerz seems to give it the feeling of a concept album and the songs that were personal when I wrote them took on a celestial quality, as if existing in some futuristic story.” – Simone White

“The project started out with Simone and i getting together to try to write a song as i was a big fan of Simone’s. ‘Tiny Drop'” was the result and set the tone for the record. The songs were great so not a lot needed to be said during the recordings. I’ve worked with all the musicians before and knew they would be perfect for Simone’s music. I’m grateful for Simone trusting in me as I’m super proud of this record.” – Pete Min, Album Producer

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