Song Premiere: Bob Bradshaw’s “Role of a Lifetime”

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 Americana Highways presents this premiere of Bob Bradshaw’s “Role of a Lifetime” from his upcoming album Queen of the West produced by Bob Bradshaw, recorded and mixed by Dave Westner.  On this song you will hear Bob Bradshaw on vocals/acoustic guitar/keyboards; Andrew Stern on electric guitar; James Rohr on keyboards; Chad Manning on fiddle; Ed Lucie on bass; Mike Connors on drums with Annie Lynch and Britt Connors on background vocals.

“Role of a Lifetime” is a dark lyrical tale of abuse and revenge complete with hauntings with waves of toe-tapping musical buoyancy.  Queen of the West promises to be an album of depth, highlighted by chilling vocal harmonies and punctuated by balladeering style instrumentation.

‘Role Of A Lifetime’ tells the story a Broadway actress who’s in Hollywood to play the part of the ‘Queen Of The West’ in a movie. She has a difficult time with the overbearing director and decides to abandon the project and go back to New York even though everyone tells her this is the ‘role of a lifetime.’ She becomes haunted by the spirit of the real ‘Queen Of The West’ Ruby Black,who, legend tells, “killed a dozen men and wed a dozen more.” The movie director keeps pestering her and so she returns to Hollywood finally prepared for the part. When he says: “Action. Camera. Shoot!” she pulls a real gun out of her boot and shoots him. It is indeed her ‘role of a lifetime’!

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