Song Premiere: Jimbo Pap’s “Yard Sale” From “It Can Always Get Worse”

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Americana Highways  bring you this premiere of Jimbo Pap”s “Yard Sale” from their album  It Can Always Get Worse (Fiesta Red Records), due to be released on September 13. The album was recorded at Comp-ny in Glendale CA, engineered by Be Hussey with assistant engineers Cal Campbell and David Tobocman; and mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless in Boston MA. Jimbo Pap is Jim Bowers on vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, pedal steel, and talking drum, Bo Brannen on squareneck dobro and guitar, Pap Shirock on vocals and piano, Cal Campbell on drums and vocals, Kip Boardman on bass and vocals, David Tobocman on piano and Chelsea Rey on background vocals.

With tongue-in-cheek lyrics over swingy rock and harmonies, this song will at minimum get you decluttering in your mind, as you dance with any part of your body that you can.  The catchy rhythm and the infectious call-and-response vocals render this an instant earworm. In fact, we daresay It Can Always Get Worse will earworm its way into your life for good.

I grew up going to and having frequent yard sales with my mom, sister & grandma. We’d get rid of our junk (but usually just replace it with more). It feels good to try to live simply and pare down. I think “Yard Sale” is a pretty good anthem for that! — Pap Shirock

When I wrote this, my girlfriend at that time was one of those world-class collectors of pop culture ephemera—wild amazing stuff, but there was so much of it. It gave me a sense of unease.  It was a pretty heavy time— we were caretaking for a disabled relative and it wasn’t easy, so we’d sometimes dream about being able to run away together. The song’s a goofy little romp, but it was what I needed to shake off some of that burden at the time. — Jim Bowers

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