Song Premiere: Beth Bombara’s “Anymore” feat. John Calvin Abney

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Americana Highways presents this premiere Beth Bombara’s “Anymore”  from her forthcoming album Evergreen due to be released this Friday. The making of Evergreen was an egalitarian project, as it was co-produced by Kit Hamon and John Calvin Abney, with Beth Bombara, Samuel Gregg, and Mike Schurk; engineered and mastered by Dan Mehrmann at Jettison Studios, and mixed by Jason Cupp.

“Anymore” is Beth Bombara on electric guitar and lead vocals, Samuel Gregg on electric guitar, Kit Hamon on bass guitar and backing vocals, Mike Schurk on drums and John Calvin Abney on keys.

In a perfect blend of country slide with rock ‘n roll power ballad, Beth Bombara channels the distilled emotional effects of both genres in “Anymore.”  Channeling Chrissie Hynde, Beth Bombara’s vocal tones bring the emotional point home in her dazzling project Evergreen. She had this to say:

There’s some things in life I didn’t choose. I didn’t choose to be born female. I didn’t choose to be born a US citizen. Those are two huge things that have shaped my life experience, and I’ve found myself fighting against preconceived notions regarding both identities. There are expectations placed on women that don’t exist for men. “Anymore” is me questioning those expectations. “I didn’t choose your game, and I’m not going to play anymore. — Beth Bombara

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