Interview with Bob Cerny of the Cerny Brothers on Video Premiere of “Days of Thunder”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere The Cerny Brothers’ video “Days of Thunder” from their recent album Looking For The Good Land which was released on May 3, 2019 on Cleveland International Records. In connection with the premiere we had a brief chat with Bob Cerny about this song, and the video.
AH: What is the story behind this song?  Was there specific inspiration behind it?

BC:  “Days Of Thunder” is a song about hitting a rough patch in your life, and seeing through all of the many ailments that might be offered, political or even spiritual. It’s a song about facing that hardship, and banding together in love while continuing to move forward.

AH: It looks like this video is a bit of a capsule of your experiences – in the studio, on the road, etc.  Where did you film the different pieces of it?  Who directed it?

BC: We filmed a lot of it all over the country in various towns and cities. To be honest, there might be too many to list! A lot of it was in Yorkville, Illinois, and in the Quad Cities where we grew up. Our buddy Quinn Johnston was behind the camera, and our very own Scott Cerny directed and edited it. A lot of the shots were taken from our documentary, “Looking for the Good Land,” which is a diary of our time playing in people’s homes and across the country raising money for our new album of the same name.

AH: What do you hope the video will convey to people who watched it?

BC: I hope people will feel the fire of the song and feel the experiences of the road as they travel to all of the different places we did.

AH: How is it being in a band with your brother?  Do you end up having a “family shorthand” onstage that comes from having grown up together?  What do your parents think of the music you make?

BC: I think being in a band with your brother is the best way to do it. I think we’ve always had that shorthand without really realizing it. Sometimes we can say very few words and know exactly what we mean, while someone from the outside would probably be confused. I think our parents like most of our music, other than when we say a bad word.

The video is a cinematographic treat.  Looking for the Good Land is an anthemic, powerful, contemporary – classic rock album.

Order Looking For the Good Land here:, while you’re watching right here:


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