Video Premiere: Meghan Hayes’ “A Birthday in the Pawnshop (Morristown)” from Upcoming Release “Seen Enough Leavers”

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Americana Highways is pleased to bring you this premiere of the video for “A Birthday in the Pawnshop (Morristown)” by Meghan Hayes from her forthcoming record Seen Enough Leavers due out May 31. Seen Enough Leavers was produced by Dex Green and engineered by Joe Costa.

“A Birthday in the Pawnshop (Morristown)” is Meghan Hayes on vocals, Audley Freed on electric guitar, Goffrey Moore on acoustic guitar, Dex Green on bass and vocals with Tommi Rautiainen on drums.

The video was produced, directed and edited by Scot Sax, and stars Scott Field, Meghan Hayes, Laura Holloway, Bob Lewis and Shannon McNally.

Lyric- rich songs by Meghan Hayes will cast their gentle spells on you, while the dark musical layers will earn your devotion. The video adds an extra layer of drama to the tale of a story told from beyond the grave. Seen Enough Leavers will engage you on every musical level.

It’s not easy coming up with a video concept for a song sung from the perspective of the dead narrator, but Scot (Sax, the producer) dreamed up the idea to capture the story as if being watched through the pages of a book and we ran with it. The shoot was entertaining and easy and all the actors were cool about having to be cramped into a “book” that wasn’t tall or wide. Although we shot the video in East Nashville, every single person you see in the video has ties to New Jersey and/or its neighboring states of New York or Pennsylvania. That made it easy to describe Morristown to the few actors who hadn’t been there– it’s like a lot of other towns in the northeast.  And it felt on set like we were at a funny sort of reunion. I noticed some people’s Philly or New York accents became more pronounced as the days went on. That added to the vibe, to have people talking the way the characters in the song would have talked, had they been real. — Meghan Hayes

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Meghan Hayes thanks Joe McGinniss, Jr. for publishing the hardback of Carousel Court with a black cover, Sweet 16th Bakery for “craft” services, 4 way Market, Benjamin Stranger and Shondell McFall

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