Show Review: Dimmer Twins Swashbuckle at the Grey Eagle in Asheville

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The Dimmer Twins played last week at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, North Carolina. In case you’re uninformed the “Twins” are the swashbuckling singing guitar twins Paterson Hood and Mike Cooley of the Muscle Shoals Al./Athens Ga. family known as The Drive-By Truckers!

Hood and Cooley got this idea in their head to do an unrehearsed, no rules self proclaimed “Livingroom” style acoustic tour. Naturally unrehearsed for these two who have been playing together for over twenty years means that they didn’t rehearse this setlist acoustically. They are yin and yang onstage and probably could compliment each other perfectly if they started a synth-pop band tomorrow without rehearsal.

The Grey Eagle in my opinion is the best venue in Asheville because it has street cred., it is intimate, and the vibe is just perfect for a small venue. Obviously the Dimmer Twins felt the same as did the fans that traveled in from Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama to the 400 capacity venue.

Dimmer twins fans are more than loyal! Jennifer, a woman in the front row knew seemingly everybody in the venue and had been to over 100 Drive-By Trucker shows. This was only her second Dimmer Twins show and that puts the concept into perspective about the rarity in which this special event occurs. Paterson Hood seeing a flurry of faces in the room that he recognized embellished a bit, but brought the general overall feeling of the show together stating “It feels like I fucking live here now!”

There are a few times in your life when you see a show and you know that the atmosphere, the rarity and the artist performance are something that you will never see again and that you are lucky to have had the experience. This show in Asheville was one of those events. Cheers to Paterson and Mike, the fans, and The Grey Eagle for making it happen!

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