Song Premiere: ”The Middle Age” from Bridge 19’s Upcoming Release “In the Afterglow”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Bridge 19’s song “The Middle Age” from their album In the Afterglow which is due to be released on April 26.  “The Middle Age” is Amanda Lucas on vocals,  Audrey Cecil on vocals, and guitar, Joey Thieman on accordion,  Meg Samples on drums/percussion, and Jeff Faith on bass. The album was recorded with engineer Anne Gauthier at Louisville’s La La Land Studio.

The accordion is lively and sets the tone for the rest of the song in a Bridge 19’s unique variation on country music with country style harmonies. We have all been there through breakups in one form or another and Bridge 19 has found a way to support the process with their highly relatable lyrical imagery, accompanied by their pop stylings and vocal trills.

We wrote this song while watching a friend go through a tough divorce. It’s hard watching people you love hurt – and it was a tough song to write. 

We knew we wanted to paint a picture, the song has lots of visual references to what we knew our friend was going through. I think we’ve all been there – in hard relationships. We can visualize those moments where we were at our lowest, sometimes they are moments that never leave us. For us, we were just trying to do that experience justice. Also, the song touches on aging. One of the things that just kept coming up was feeling like a failure because the marriage didn’t make it for this person. He felt so defeated. At the end of the day, there’s nothing he could have done to make it better. It was what it was. But he felt old, and he felt like a failure (neither of which are true). We just wanted to do right by the experience. 

It took us a long time to really embrace this song. It was on the cut list for a long time. Maybe because it was so hard to write, or because it’s sad. We don’t really know, but people kept telling us its such a good song. Maybe because it’s relatable. We hope people can listen and say, “I know that feeling.” —  Amanda Lucas

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