Lyric Video Premiere: “Hypnotized” from “Some of Us Are Free, Some of Us Are Lost” by Bob Hillman

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Americana Highways brings you this lyric video premiere of “Hypnotized” by Bob Hillman, from his Some of Us Are Free, Some of Us Are Lost, which was produced by Jonny Flaugher and engineered by Pierre de Reeder (Rilo Kiley).  “Hypnotized” features Hillman, with Rich Hinman on electric and slide guitar, Phil Krohnengold on piano and organ, Tamir Barzilay on drums with Laura Mace singing harmonies.

Hillman sings “I’m a fool wearing shades by the pool… in idle conversation,” as he realized he has been living a lie. Along with the lyrics, it’s the perfect music for poolside ennui and musings.   Some of Us Are Free, Some of Us Are Lost is a relatable, optimistic folk album; and I daresay anyone who doesn’t like this album is a curmudgeon.

Like many songwriters, I want my songs to be both clear and vivid. That can be challenging in a song like “Hypnotized,” which is conceptual and somewhat abstract. It’s a story song, but not a conventional narrative; rather, it’s a bunch of concrete images: staring at the mountains in the morning, sitting by the pool, driving back to the city, etc. If I’m successful, those images add up in a way that makes sense to listeners. — Bob Hillman

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