Video Premiere: Daniel Donato’s “Sweet Tasting Tennessee”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Daniel Donato’s video for “Sweet Tasting Tennessee,” which was written by Daniel Donato and Brooks Hubbard. The track “Sweet Tasting Tennessee” was produced by Luke Levenson and Daniel Donato at Sound Emporium in Nashville. The video’s audio was recorded separately and was directed by Daniel Donato with WebLogic.

The “Sweet Tasting Tennessee” video has a compelling introduction that draws you in and shares a sense of Donato’s personality. The visual effects are colorful enough to be entertaining without distracting you from the fundamental focal point: this dude has got some chops. Donato plays “Sweet Tasting Tennessee” solo acoustic in the reverberating halls of an empty high school while he lyrically highlights the most compelling, nostalgic characteristics of Tennessee.

I just really do love songs about coming home. Probably because the notion of coming home brings me some of the most joy in life. I’m on the road a lot. I also love adventure. This can be a slippery slope. Here’s a song about just that; with my Cosmic Country Sound to help deliver it.

I love the Tallest Man On Earth. His video series on YouTube inspired my video’s creative direction. He’s just absolutely genuine and genuine only. The idea of making an honest video with little frills is something that anyone interested in what I do would love. But, just like me, it gets a little weird. Genuine and genuinely weird. Nice to meet you – watch my music video? — Daniel Donato

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