Song Premiere: Unspoken Tradition’s “Nothing But Sky” Carries Optimism

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Americana Highways is pleased to present this premiere of “Nothing But Sky” from Unspoken Tradition’s upcoming album Myths We Tell Our Young (Mountain Home Music Company). The album was produced by Scott Barnett and Unspoken Tradition. “Nothing But Sky” is Audie McGinnis on guitar and vocals,  Zane McGinnis on banjo, Lee Shuford on bass and vocals, Ty Gilpin on mandolin and vocals, and Tim Gardner on fiddle and vocals.

“Nothing But Sky” opens with uplifting musical phrases and broadens out into an expanse of optimism with the tailwind of the multiple stringed instruments.  The lyrics celebrate the best of nature and the renewal that spring brings. That “redbird” has “everything at the tip of his wings,” “there’s a whole new days arisin’, he’s got nothin’ but skies.”  Be sure to put this album on your list this year.

I was excited about “Nothing But Sky” from the first time I heard it.  Sherrill Blackman sent me a demo in the mail, and this song was on it.  I immediately let the other guys hear it, and we knew right away that it was a keeper.  We took it to the studio, and the producers and engineer all had a fit over it.  Once we had  it recorded, we all just looked at each other, grinning ear to ear, because we were certain we had something special.  It was a goosebumps on the neck kind of moment for me.  It’s a top shelf song, in my opinion.  I love the catchy melody that serves as a recurring theme throughout the song.  I love the lyrics, and the positive message they send.  I love the creative harmonies it affords, especially in the final chorus.  From top to bottom, “Nothing But Sky” is just an awesome song, and we’re happy that Sherrill let us use it. — Audie McGinnis

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