Song Premiere: Andrew Shier’s “Step Outside”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Andrew Shier’s “Step Outside” from his album due to be released later this year.  “Step Outside” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Shier, with the drums recorded and played by Rhys Lintern.

“Leave me alone, I’m just a stranger,” is the lyrical reminder that we need to take emotional risks to create a real life for ourselves, and muscle through the uncertain times.  With ethereal guitar riffs, Shier captures the inspiration to follow those dreams.

“Step Outside” reinforces the importance in embracing discomfort in an age where Netflix and chill dominate our weekends. It’s about facing fears and getting out of our own way to work towards goals and ambitions that are easily dismissed for the comforts of our own home. Often you have to make this journey alone and commit time away from ‘the norm’, but there’s no doubt people will be waiting at the other end of your journey with open arms and appreciation for the hard work you’ve put in. — Andrew Shier

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