Song Premiere: Chad Richard’s “12 More Days of Blue” From Forthcoming “Worthy Cause”

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Americana Highways is honored to premiere this song “12 More Days of Blue” as the debut track from Chad Richards’ forthcoming album Worthy Cause. The album was produced by Walt Wilkins and Ron Flynt at Jumping Dog Studio in Austin, and is due to be released on April 26th.  “12 More Days of Blue” features Richard on vocals and acoustic guitar, Walt Wilkins on electric guitar, Ron Flynt on Hammond B-3, on Corby Schaub on lap steel with rhythmnists Bill Small on bass and Ray Rodriguez on drums.

Simple and direct in a quiet, classic country style, “12 More Days of Blue” reminds us “there are some things you just don’t tell a kid,” as it is a song about a single dad’s struggle seeing his son only part time, then dropping him off “at his mama’s new place.”  Anyone would get chills listening to Richard’s vocal tones crack over lines like “he don’t have a clue what his old daddy’s going through” and “I drop him off for 12 more days of blue; 48 hours ain’t nearly enough.” Not many songs address this particular brand of heartache, but Richard doesn’t shy away from his own truths, broaching a version of pain that’s not often up for casual social discussion. Worthy Cause is an album full of honest truths in styles that range from country to zydeco in blended forms, and this song is at the heart of it.

The song is a true account of one of the first weekends of getting my Son after my divorce. Written mostly by candlelight one night during a month long power outage in the wake of hurricane Rita. It  describes the struggles and heartaches of a newly divorced Dad. — Chad Richard

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