Listen: Premiere of “Tennessee Song” from “Bloody Noses & Roses” by The Great Dying

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Americana Highways is proud to present this song premiere of the alt-country rock persuasion:  “Tennessee Song,” from the upcoming album Bloody Noses & Roses (due out November 16) by The Great Dying.  The Great Dying is Will Griffith on vocals and acoustic guitar, Kel Kellum on guitar with Bronson Tew and Matt Patton (Drive-By Truckers) on rhythms. The album was produced by Matt Patton and Bronson Tew of Dial Back Sound, and engineered by Bronson Tew.

On “Tennessee Song,” we’re pulled along at a mighty fast clip by an adrenaline rush as the protagonist tries to outrun things that have been nagging and rather severely pulling him down.  We can feel the car engine rev as our thoughts race along with the fact that “trying to stay ahead while behind the times will surely drive a man outta his damn mind …” And “when your lover’s touch becomes a fleeting thing and buckets of tears rust all 6 strings,” you’ll be right there with him when he finally decides to flee the scene and start fresh, thankfully buoyed along by a fast paced rhythm section and a new life on the horizon.

The indelible mark of Matt Patton’s good southern rock music sensibilities is all over this song, while Griffith’s songwriting achieves the prized combination of expressing a complicated experience in simple, clear-as-a-bell understandable terms. The Dial Back Sound studio, nestled in Water Valley, Mississippi in the sweet spot of the quadrilateral it forms with Memphis, Muscle Shoals and Nashville, has produced another sonic winner here.

Griffith says:

I wrote this after deciding to leave my relationship and Nashville. Three years I can’t get back. — Will Griffith

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