Bentley’s Bandstand: June 2020

By Bill Bentley Marshall Chapman, Songs I Can’t Live Without. When it’s time to throw some black cat bones and light the voodoo candles. this new Marshall Chapman album would be a good listening companion. The woman whose voice often sounds like it’s coming from the other side of the spirit world rounds up some favorite songs […]

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Music Reviews: Teddy Thompson, Bessie Jones, Joe Ely, G.F. Patrick, Gravel & Grace…and an Elliott Murphy Film

Teddy Thompson, Heartbreaker Please. Teddy Thompson appears to have spent much of the past few years producing other artists (including the auspicious young country singer/songwriter Dori Freeman). Now, however, he’s back to making albums of his own, which is welcome news indeed. This sixth solo record, his first since 2016, features 10 tunes, all of […]

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