Bentley's Bandstand October 2021

Bentley’s Bandstand: October 2021

Bentley’s Bandstand: October 2021 By Bill Bentley Brandi Carlile, In These Silent Days. When a world-class singer comes along, it’s not that hard to hear it. There is a power in their voice that never goes over the line, but demands every square inch of attention to all those within earshot. Brandi Carlile has been that kind of […]

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Bentley's Bandstand July 2021

Bentley’s Bandstand: July 2021

Bentley’s Bandstand: July 2021By Bill Bentley Sam Filiatreau. He comes from Kentucky, and–fortunately–sounds like it. Sam Filiatreau has the feeling of someone who just walked in from the front porch, sat down in a long-used rocking chair and started singing songs that could easily have been on earth for a hundred years. Every single thing […]

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Bentley's Bandstand

Bentley’s Bandstand: June 2021

By Bill Bentley Steve Almaas, Everywhere You’ve Been. There are some rock musicians who are so overwhelmingly born to play the music it’s obvious from day one. Steve Almaas was growing up in Minneapolis when the Beatles got inside his head, and he’s been riding a musical express train ever since. Early band Suicide Commandos made a mighty dent […]

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Bentley’s Bandstand: March 2021

  Hasaan Ibn Ali, Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album. Reading like a chapter out of a great Raymond Chandler novel, Hasaan Ibn Ali’s new release has some serious twists and turns. In 1964, drummer Max Roach persuaded Atlantic Records to record relative newcomer Ali. That album, titled THE MAX ROACH TRIO FEATURING THE LEGENDARY HASAAN and released […]

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