Bentley's Bandstand May 21

Bentley’s Bandstand: May 2021

Art of Time Ensemble, Ain’t Got Long. One of the world’s great gifts is when a new album lands out of nowhere. It’s hard to tell where it came from, but listening to it becomes a revelation. Who are these people? Why are they so amazing? And where o’ where have they been hiding? In […]

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Bentley’s Bandstand: March 2021

  Hasaan Ibn Ali, Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album. Reading like a chapter out of a great Raymond Chandler novel, Hasaan Ibn Ali’s new release has some serious twists and turns. In 1964, drummer Max Roach persuaded Atlantic Records to record relative newcomer Ali. That album, titled THE MAX ROACH TRIO FEATURING THE LEGENDARY HASAAN and released […]

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