Rickie Lee Jones

Book Review – Rickie Lee Jones – Last Chance Texaco: Chronicles of an American Troubadour

I fell in love with Rickie Lee Jones a long time ago. I remember the exact moment. And no, it wasn’t when I heard “Chuck E.’s in Love” or the rest of her first album. It should have been. I just relistened to it, and it is the best début album by a female solo […]

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REVIEW: Marjorie “A Growing Season” It’s the Blues, I Think It’s Going Around

A Growing Season is a breathtaking debut album by Seamus McMahon. Released in June 2020, it’s a true solo effort in which McMahon wrote, sang, and played all the instruments on every song. The project name, “Marjorie,” is the name of McMahon’s grandmother who owned the house in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, where he wrote and recorded […]

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