REVIEW: Chad Richard’s “Worthy Cause” Accepts Imperfections with Fondness

We’ve all heard some version of the aphorism, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But there’s a flip side that many have found – if you make your love your life, it can become less appealing over time. Louisiana’s Chad Richard was warned of this at a young […]

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REVIEW: Taylor Alexander’s “Good Old-Fashioned Pain” Shows Portable Adaptability

The best songs, like the best songwriters, are portable, adaptable and durable. They’ll take a beating, they’ll change, but they’ll survive. On Taylor Alexander’s first full-length album, Good Old Fashioned Pain, the title song shows that kind of resilience. While the balance of the album was written after Alexander arrived in Nashville, “Pain” survived its […]

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REVIEW: Mary Bragg’s “Violets as Camouflage” Addresses the Imperfect Human in All Of Us

Radio-friendly country music has its preferred themes, as well as those topics which it isn’t so keen on discussing. Drinking (without consequences)? Flawless women in short skirts? Bad boys who don’t know how to love right? Sure. But mental illness? Flawed characters who make everyday life mistakes and have to deal with them?  Not so […]

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