REVIEW: Sunny War’s “Shell of a Girl” is Visceral Look at Relationships

One of the most notable facets of the music business in 2019 is the lack of prolificacy. It’s not that musicians are any less creative than their predecessors. But, with music sales bottoming out, leaving artists chasing other sources of much-needed revenue (touring, selling merch, launching Kickstarter campaigns), there’s simply less time (and monetary incentive) […]

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Interview: Courtney Hartman’s Varied Path and 500 Mile Hike as a Ready Reckoner

Singer-songwriter-guitar player Courtney Hartman’s young career has wandered its way from bluegrass band member (a stint with Della Mae) to collaborator (recording albums with Robert Ellis and Taylor Ashton) to recording her own EP (2016’s Nothing We Say). Before writing songs for her first full-length solo record, she undertook (voluntarily!) a 500-mile trek on the […]

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REVIEW: Rod Picott’s “Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil” Is Songs of Mortality and Longing

Muddling your way through a major health scare can change the way you live. And not in a faux-inspirational, Hallmark-movie-with-a-schmaltzy-musical-swell-at-the-end kind of way, but in a more subtle, almost mundane (to outsiders, anyway) manner. Priorities get shifted around, some things become clearer, others fade into the background. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Rod Picott wrote much of his […]

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