REVIEW: Bruce Springsteen’s “Western Stars” is Stunningly Gorgeous

Full disclaimer: I cannot be fully objective re: Mr. Bruce Springsteen. I’ve been a fan since 1984, and he’s responsible for turning me on to many of the artists I listen to today (I’m sure I’m not the only Americana fan who can say this). So, in the same week that we celebrated the 35th(!) […]

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REVIEW: Taylor Alexander’s “Good Old-Fashioned Pain” Shows Portable Adaptability

The best songs, like the best songwriters, are portable, adaptable and durable. They’ll take a beating, they’ll change, but they’ll survive. On Taylor Alexander’s first full-length album, Good Old Fashioned Pain, the title song shows that kind of resilience. While the balance of the album was written after Alexander arrived in Nashville, “Pain” survived its […]

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