REVIEW: Rosu Lup’s “The Ranger” is Layered Sound and Storytelling

When you think “folk,” artists like Pete Seeger and Peter, Paul & Mary probably come to mind – unadorned vocals, spare arrangements and a sort of “hippie” vibe all around. But, like country and Americana, folk music has expanded its definition to accommodate different forms of storytelling. Philadelphia-based duo Rosu Lup describes itself as “dream […]

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REVIEW: Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Colorado” with Documentary “Mountaintop” is Vintage

Neil Young is cantankerous as all get-out. He always has been, really, but between climate change, the Trump presidency, and the perceived inferior quality of most digital music, he’s just plain PISSED. Since the acclaimed Lionel aficionado auctioned off a chunk of his model train collection a couple of years back, leaving him down a […]

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REVIEW: Jeremy Ivey’s “The Dream and the Dreamer” is Personal and Political

One of the best aspects of Americana music is the elasticity of both the musicians and the fans. Artists don’t feel pigeonholed into one narrow vein of music, and listeners are willing to entertain different lyrical topics and musical styles (although Sturgill Simpson’s upcoming release seems to be testing that latter willingness to stretch). Nashville-based […]

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