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Video Premiere: Chris J Norwood “The Knockdown Dragout”

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Chris J Norwood & the Knockdown Dragout “The Knockdown Dragout”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Chris J Norwood & the Knockdown Dragout’s song “The Knockdown Dragout,” the title track from their forthcoming album due to be available on February 9. The Knockdown Dragout was produced by Chris J Norwood and Guillermo Murillo; engineered and mixed by Guillermo Murillo with assistant engineering by Nick Clem and additional engineering by Chris J Norwood.  It was mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media. It was recorded at Audio Dallas Recording Studio with album design and cover photo by Joseph Brewster.

“The Knockdown Dragout” is Chris J Norwood on guitars and vocals; Aaron “Buss Driver” Hass on drums; TJ “Big Bertha” Callaway on bass; Chris “Mr. Retro” Watson in organ, Rhodes, and piano; Ethan “Cowbell” Sedelmeier on percussion; the Knockouts: Carrie “The GOAT” Norwood and Liz “Liztecia” Holmes on background vocals; and  the Haymaker Horns: Preston “Blue” Lewis on tenor and bari sax, Brett “Gold” Lamel on trombone, and Jordan “Red” Carr on trumpet.

Chris Masterson also appears in the video on guitar.  The video was directed by Joseph Brewster and filmed at Audio Dallas Recording Studio. Great upbeat but mid tempo bluesy glory characterizes this song from the start.  Everyone all playing together in the woodsy studio helps bolster this song’s Stax-style intent. Swaggery and enjoyable.

When I first started dreaming up this project and writing these tunes, it was important to me that when it came time to record that we do it in the same way my favorite Stax and Motown records were recorded. All the musicians playing together in a great sounding room with vintage gear. So I knew that finding the right studio was key. Audio Dallas immediately came to mind and was the perfect studio for us. It’s got such a storied history, with so many great records made there. And it looks virtually the same as it did in the 70s. It’s like stepping back in time. And I knew that was exactly the vibe this record needed. And in a lot of ways the studio was like another member of the band. There’s a reason why records that are made this way sound the way they do. There’s a joy and a camaraderie and a vibe when you make music with your friends. We had a lot of fun! I think that comes through on these tunes. And that was something I really wanted to showcase with this music video. Joseph Brewster, the videographer, did a fantastic job capturing what it was like recording this album; the fun and the joy. — Chris J Norwood

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