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Song Premiere: David Newbould “Jean”

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David Newbould – “Jean”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of David Newbould’s song “Jean.” The song was produced by David Newbould, mixed by David and Billy Harvey, and mastered by Alex McCollough.

All vocals and instruments on “Jean” were, amazingly, performed by David Newbould: guitars, bass, drums, percussion, organ, and vocals .

There are some muted squeals in the opening, then the roots rock extravaganza begins “Jean was a 5th grade classmate of mine,” and it’s a simple ode to childhood friends, and people who influenced and helped to shape us whether we ever told them or not, and a nostalgic question: “Jean, do you still dream?” And it’s all quite rock ‘n rock celebratory, with soaring late-60s choruses.  Fab.

 “Jean”relives memories of people who affected our lives when we were young, whether they were aware of their impact or not. It speaks from one former school classmate to another, revealing the hope that we may all hold true to the values that were so impactful all those years ago. “While they’d go on about 10 year old life / She filled my head with dreams and I took flight / Jean – do you still dream?” – David Newbould

Find the music here:  https://smithmusic.ffm.to/662582110029

And check into more information and his tour dates on his website here: https://davidnewbould.com/

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