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Song Premiere: Brian Revels & Heat Lightning “Anywhere With You”

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Brian Revels & the Heat Lightning – “Anywhere With You”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Brian Revels & the Heat Lightning’s song “Anywhere With You” from their forthcoming album. This song was recorded and mixed at Standard Electric Recorders by Damon Moon; produced by Damon Moon, Matthew Pendrick and Brian Revels; and mastered by Greg Hendler. The song was written by Brian and Jenna Robinson.

“Anywhere With You” is Brian Revels on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Paul Stevens on percussion and keys; Matthew Pendrick on bass, backing vocals, and guitar; Molloy Van Gorder on lead guitar and backing vocals; Jenna Robinson on backing vocals; and Damon Moon on guitar.

This sets up as a gentle love song with hushed and bright sparkly stringed guitar tones, and then the pretty harmonies come in for a complete, satisfying love song. Declarations and the security of loyalty and true promises are refreshing and fundamentally believable.

The song came directly from me being head over heels in love with my girlfriend, Jenna [Robinson], and knowing that I was gonna do everything in my power to make it happen. It’s been a wild experience—becoming a parent to her 6-year-old son, too. My dad was never around when I was growing up, so I always wanted to be a dad, though I’d never imagined stepfatherhood. But, man, this kid is just like me when I was a kid. In all the best and worst ways. He and I have become like a little improv duo.

Jenna came down to Atlanta with me to take some video and document the recording of the song. At the end of the last day, I asked her if she’d try to sing on it. I kinda blindsided her, but she said yes and it ended up sounding great.

We’ve just been yes-anding the hell out of everything ever since we met. We moved in together in Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 1 of this year. We’ve become this parental unit and we’re strategizing and just really leaning into it, and she seems just as gung-ho for it as me. Jenna and I have been bringing each other to life, and it’s been helping me heal in some major ways. I love that after I go out and play music or if I’m out on the road, I’ve got a place to come back to now. For a long time, I was searching for a sense of home, and now I’ve got it. – Brian Revels

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