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Video Premiere: Halo Rider “Sweet Forgiveness”

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Halo Rider – “Sweet Forgiveness”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of power duo Halo Rider’s song “Sweet Forgiveness,” which is part of a two-song series of releases this fall.  “Sweet Forgiveness” was written and produced by Markus James.

“Sweet Forgiveness” is Anne Harris on violin and vocals; and Markus James on guitar and vocals.

This video was produced by Markus James, with Uma Baker and Saskia Pothof on cameras. It’s really spine tingling the way the fiddle and the guitar follow each other in close melody, and then the vocals do the same, vibrating together in beautiful, chilling harmonies.   The lyrics speak to us of the sweet relief that forgiveness can deliver.

sweet forgiveness
lay down by my side
take this burden
from my dreams
that wait
to be satisfied

There’s an old saying that often the hardest person to forgive is yourself. “Sweet Forgiveness” takes you by the hand…leads you cross the river wide up onto the golden sand. We’d like to dedicate this to the musicians, past and present, from Kentucky, home of so much great music. Thank you Americana Highways. – Markus James

You can pre-save and find “Sweet Forgiveness” here: https://orcd.co/jov7eyx
Find more information on the website for Halo Rider, here: http://www.halorider.com



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