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Song Premiere: Sully Bright “Dark”

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Sully Bright – “Dark”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Sully Bright’s song “Dark” from his new album Darling, Wake Up, which is due to be available on October 13.  Darling, Wake Up was produced and mixed by Evan Redwine and co-produced by Sully Bright. It was mastered by Joe Causey.

Musicians on the album are Sully Bright on rubber bridge guitar, vocals and banjo; Lucas Morton on bass and synthesizer; Josh Hunt on drums and Ellie Turner on backing vocals.

Americana Highways had a chance to chat with Sully Bright about the song.  The premiere appears just beneath the interview.

Americana Highways: The song is deeply personal. Can you tell us what inspired you to write it and what it’s about?

Sully Bright: The song is about my struggles with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I have struggled with OCD most of my life but was only diagnosed a year ago. “Dark” is about not being able to see the light and the beauty outside the window.

The album title, Darling, Wake Up, comes from one of the lyrics hidden within the song: “Darling, wake up, what have you been hiding from, the night is over, there’s better things to come.” Whether it was myself that asked the question, God, or the world, the whole concept of “Darling, Wake Up” is a hopeful one. It’s about waking up from your anxiety, fear, and struggle, and learning how to see the light, even within the darkness of it.

AH: What kind of a vibe were you going for on this song? How does the final version differ from what you imagined it might be before you went into the studio?

SB: I was going for a much more acoustic vibe. Going into the studio, I wanted the song to have a warm/dark sonic quality that matched the meaning of the song. So we ended up using a rubber bridge guitar and mellotron to get the “Dark” sound. The song definitely took a different shape than intended! I didn’t expect for the song to have banjo, but now I couldn’t imagine it without.

AH: What do you hope listeners get from hearing the song?

SB: I hope listeners can know that there is a way to see the light even when it’s dark outside. That a new day comes in the morning. I hope to bring light to OCD and my story.

AH: Have you played this song live? If so, what kind of reaction has the song gotten from audiences?

SB: Yes, I’ve gotten to play the song a few times! People have really enjoyed it.

AH: How does this song fit in among the others on the album? How is it similar and/or how does it stand out as different?

SB: “Dark” sonically matches really well with “It’ll All Be Alright.” I actually consider “Dark,” the ending of it, and “It’ll All Be Alright” to be a three-piece movement. The song’s sonic landscape is the album’s cornerstone.

AH: What’s next for Sully Bright?

SB: I will be playing a few shows around town. I am actually playing a show tonight, October 12th, at City Winery in Nashville. The talented and wonderful Ellie Turner will be opening. Be sure to come out and hear the record live top to bottom.

Throughout the winter, I am releasing seven live acoustic videos recorded in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. In January, the live recordings will be released on all streaming platforms.

For the summer of 2024, I am hoping to do a tour. Maybe hitch a ride with another artist as an opener? I am very excited to play more live shows soon.

Thanks very much for speaking with us Sully Bright.  This song has thoughtful indie folk vibes with imagescapes and placid, peaceful foundation.  The acoustic sounds are gentle and dark, like the song title suggests.  The lyrics are mournful as the story unfolds.

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