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REVIEW: Lydia Loveless “Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way Again”


Lydia Loveless  Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way Again

On her latest release, Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way Again singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless (she/her/they/them) continues to carve out her unique sound which combines pop, alt-pop, alternative, punk, cowpunk, honky tonk, and classic country into an exhilarating and original mix. The result is a driving, mesmerizing,  hypnotic atmospheric record that you want to play over and over again to sonically feel and experience the lush world Loveless has created. It rewards repeated listens as the solid structuring of Loveless’ creations increasingly come to light, much to the delight of your ears.

As the title of the album (and the album cover itself with a bareback Loveless on it ) suggests she is as defiant as ever. The same can be said about the characters in Loveless’ song stories on the record as they exude their own sense of individuality, independence, and feminine strength. As they confront their circumstances, their fears, their heartbreaks, and their lovers – both old and new they do so with a steely resolve that can only be based on confidence in themselves and their abilities, (which can be hard to do as a woman in this world). 

Even though all of these songs fit really well together in sequence and subject matter, particular highlights that stand out in this brawny collection include “Poor Boy,” “Sex and Money,” “Runaway,” “Feel,” “Toothache,” and “Ghost.” 

A female singer-songwriter who is as comfortable in their own skin as Loveless so obviously is, is a precious commodity in today’s music world and should be celebrated as such. Loveless continues to grow as a masterly songstress with each succeeding album and it is truly an exciting thing to behold. The fact that she blurs so many genres in the process is a bonus and a reason to love and respect her all the more.

Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way Again by Lydia Loveless was produced by Loveless and Sean Sullivan and will be available Friday, September 22 on her website @

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