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Video Premiere: The Lowlies “Drink From the Well (live)”

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The Lowlies – “Drink from the Well (live)”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of the Lowlies’ song “Drink from the Well (live)” from their forthcoming self-titled album due to be available on October 6 via Airloom. The Lowlies was produced by Tyler Chester (Madison Cunningham) with assistant production by Mauro Castro.

“Drink from the Well (live)” is Caleb Spaulding on vocals and guitar, and Carolyn Spaulding on vocals.

This video was directed with videography by Anthony Simpkins, with assistant videographer Nick Briggs.It was filmed on the back porch of a financial faultline property in Nashville. “I’m on my way, baby, don’t get low, a thousand miles of highway road and I’ll meet you in Buffalo.” Comforting with casual reassurance, this old timey, timeless song really hits a sweet spot. 

I wrote this song on a motorcycle trip that I took just before Carolyn and I got married. I didn’t have a guitar with me but the melody and lyrics managed to stick around until I got home. We had this song on an earlier EP but it didn’t feel finished, recording it with a full band felt like it was finally complete. — Caleb Spaulding

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