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REVIEW: Blind Boys of Alabama “Echoes of the South”


Blind Boys of Alabama – Echoes of the South

Blind Boys of Alabama have a new album out on Single Lock Records, Echoes of the South, produced by Matt Ross Spang, Ben Tanner and Charles Driebe. The members of BBOA are vocalists Jimmy Carter, Ricky McKinnie, Ben Moore, Paul Beasley, Rev. Julius Love, and Joey Williams.  Recently, the Blind Boys lost two members: Benjamin Moore and Paul Beasley.  This album aims to honor them as the group reconnects to their foundations firmly with songs that are emotionally connective and deeply moving.

“Send It On Down” is a gritty, live recording — you feel you are right there in the audience, complete with hand claps along with the rhythm and a high euphoria.  “Work Until My Days Are Done” is a spritely, livelier song that really showcases the vocal range of the BBOA, which is as striking as it is exciting and masterful.

“Friendship” takes the listener into more subdued sorrowful territory — with “is something bothering you … I’ll see what I can do,” and is a noble tribute to friendship “the kind that lasts a lifetime.” We all need that reminder.

“You Can’t Hurry God” is a straight up gospel number, and you’ll want to be on your feet singing praises as you’re moved by the energy of the group. Later in the album, “Paul’s Prayer” adds shuffly grooves to the celebration.

Named after the first radio show that the Blind Boys sang on, this album was also the first one they made completely in their home state of Alabama. It’s lively, fun, serious, and simply very well worth the listen.

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Musicians on the album are Joey Williams on electric guitar; Phil Cook on keyboards and acoustic guitar; Chad Gamble on drums and percussion; Dennis Crouch on bass; Kerry Gilbert on additional vocals and Ben Tanner on organ on “Friendship,” vibraphone and baritone guitar on “Jesus You Been Good To Me,” piano on “Keep On Pushin”; Matt Ross-Spang on electric guitar on “The Last Time” and ”Paul’s Prayer”; with additional vocal arrangements by Joey Williams.

The album was recorded and mixed by Matt Ross-Spang and Ben Tanner at The Nutthouse in Sheffield, Alabama with additional recording at Sun Drop Sound in Florence, Alabama.
Assistant engineer was Austin Motlow and it was mixed at Southern Grooves in Memphis; and mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering.


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