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Song Premiere: Beau Nair “On the Road”

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Beau Nair – “On the Road”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Beau hair’s song “On the Road” from his recently released album Mr. Beau Dangles.  The album was produced, mixed and engineered by Beau Nair.

In this video performance of the song, “On the Road” is Beau Nair on piano and lead vocals; Joń Brooks from Monorail on drums and harmony vocals; and Joe Noval on bass.

Beau Nair writes comedy style country songs.  The video for this one was filmed and edited by Ryan Griswold, with gaffer duties and camera operation by Yancey Wells.  Sometimes we just need a lighthearted approach to life, set to a little boogie boogie style. “I smoked another doobie on my own today…” is one of the standout lines as the often true-to-life comical thought processes of someone out on the road for a bit unfold.

“On The Road” was written to capture the excitement of heading out on the open road, whether on a major tour or just a little personal adventure, as I’m prone to embarking on. It’s also a chance to showcase my boogie piano skills, which I’ve dipped into my whole life. Playing the piano seems like a lost art these days, especially in the boogie woogie realm. That’s what makes it all the more special when I lay it down live and in person. This is just a taste of what I can- and will- deliver! — Beau Nair

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