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REVIEW: Polaroid Collective “Polaroid Collective Vol. 1”


Polaroid Collective, a songwriter’s cooperative, is releasing a new album Polaroid Collective Vol. 1 of songs that resulted from an intensive writing session together in West Texas.  The collective is 11 songwriters:  Hayden Butler, William Wallace, J. Wagner, Tommy Charles, Audra Rodgers, Brett Serrell, Cara Alboucq, Lori Ellen, Tommy Charles, Ali Holder and Rich Russell.

The album was the brainchild of, and was produced by, Brett Serrell. It was co-produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Parmenter at Ice Cream Factory Studios.  The album will be available on August 25.  It features songs by these folks in the collective, some of which are co-writes, and the songs range over genres while staying true to the heart of Americana music.

“Lighter Now (feat. Hayden Butler)” is perhaps the most uplifting song about the coming apart of a relationship “I was already drowning but now I’m sinking to the floor,” so it’s really the opposite of the country song it initially sounds like.  “Feet Back in the Water (feat. J. Wagner)” is a heartfelt song of depth and struggle without much resolution.   “Luna de Margarita (feat. Tommy Charles, Audra Rodgers)” is more experimental, sung in Spanish, and is very hushed and thoughtful and stripped down.

“Easy Eyes (feat. Brett Serrell)” is a strings-based affair, with excitement brewing that only banjos they can convey:  “The silence of her ways are cryin’ miles and miles away.” The harmonies are lush on this one. “Arabella Blue (feat. Cara Alboucq)” starts our with a dark a cappella “oooo” and low, contemporary indie folk vocals by Cara, bright mandolin and the story unfolds with an unfortunately familiar tale of holding a ladder up for someone else to fly. “Morning Light (feat. Tommy Charles, Ali Holder)” is an easy croon full of longing for a tryst.

“Bells (feat. Lori Ellen)” is wonderfully high vocals and “I always want to fly to where the birds are singing” and it intrinsically makes you homesick, in a good way.   “Ragged (feat. Cara Alboucq, William Wallace)” is a bit of heartland rock with strong lyric lines.  “she was balancing the black unknown with the golden hour’s guiding light.” “You Know How It Is (feat. Tommy Charles)” takes a dip into the blues, and “baby, you knoooow how it is.”  And then it all wraps up with “Shiver, Shake (feat. Aaron C. Huff)” with some fingerpicking guitar and “autumn’s disbelief… ashes in the stream” lyrical imagery.

A songwriters’ collective is a special thing, and this showcase is a case full of undiscovered gems.  Check it out and find thoughtful, well-crafted and outstanding songs.

Musicians on the album are Hayden Butler on vocals and acoustic guitar; William Wallace on acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals, electric guitar; Audra Rodgers on vocals, flute acoustic guitar, double bass, mandolin, and bass; Matthew Browning on drums; Zack Wiggs on pedal steel; J Wagner on vocals and acoustic guitars; Brett Serrell on keys, acoustic guitar, vocals, banjo, glockenspiel, bass, percussion and drums; Zack Wiggs on pedal steel; Matt Parmenter on B3 organ, bass and tape soundscape; Tommy Charles on acoustic guitar, vocals, and field recording; Cara Alboucq on vocals; Lori Ellen on vocals and acoustic guitar; Ali Holder on vocals; Charlie Andersen on strings and string arrangement; Ben Gallaway on drums; Rich Russell on acoustic guitar; Aaron Huff: acoustic guitar and vox; and Grant Jordan on drums.

Ali Holder, Cara Alboucq, Brett Serrell, Lori Ellen, Tommy Charles, William Wallace, Audra Rodgers contributed vocal harmonies.

Find more information here: https://polaroidcollective.bandcamp.com/album/polaroid-collective-vol-1

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