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REVIEW: Jill Andrews “Modern Age”


Jill Andrews – Modern Age

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jill Andrews‘ musical style transcends the typical trappings of what many would consider “Americana.” She utilizes indie-pop and synth tones to drive points that mesh well with the sensibilities of the genre. When paired with her vocals, these messages shine. Her newest album, Modern Age, releases on August 18th. We were fortunate to get the opportunity to listen to it ahead of time for review, and here’s what we think about it!


This is the kind of album that, against many seemingly traditionalist norms, really works as an Americana piece. The tracks are remarkable in the way that Andrews’ vocals blend seamlessly into the wondrous potential of the synthesizer and percussion. It isn’t Folk in the typical, old-timey definition of what Folk entails. Yet, the ideas put out by Andrews paired with her tonality make it undeniably Folk all the same. This artist is truly something.

Standout Tracks from Modern Age

Three tracks, in particular, stood out to us on the first listen-through of Modern Age:

  • “Connection,” the second track in the album, is the kind of track that acts as a true opener. “80’s Baby,” the preceding track, was fantastic in its own right but “Connection” does more for the album in many ways. It begins with an electric strumming that provides a great baseline for the rest of the instrumentation. At the same time, Andrews’ vocals and lyrics in turn lend a beautiful cohesiveness to the track.
  • “High Fives,” the album’s third track, has a sort of dissonance at its beginning, reminiscent of memories and a simpler time. The beat behind Andrews’ vocals, powerful and poignant, is the driving factor for the piece. It is clear how thoughtful these tracks are altogether.
  • Finally, “Dark Days,” Modern Age‘s seventh track, begins with subdued guitar chords and lyrics of wistful sorrow. The track has two sets of vocals and feels like a departure from normalcy in the life of the singer. It’s gorgeous, tragic, and remarkable in its sincerity.

Our Verdict on Jill Andrews’ Modern Age

In short, if you are looking for a strong female-backed album that defies trends but still somehow stays true to its genre, Modern Age by Jill Andrews is the album you want. It’s got a lot going for it! All of it makes us smile, tear up, and think of days gone by, all at once. Sure, it gives us a bit more of a pop vibe than others, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t doing what it sets out to do. Give this album a chance and you won’t regret it.

Find more information here: https://www.jillandrews.com/

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