REVIEW: Bobby Rush “All My Love For You”


Bobby Rush has a new album out on Thirty Tigers All My Love For You. It was produced by Bobby Rush, mixed and engineered by Dexter Allen with additional mixing by Joey Robinson, and mastered by Chef Flynn. Musicians on the album are Bobby Rush on vocals, harmonica and guitar; Dexter Allen on guitar and bass; and Joey Robinson on keyboard and drums.

The album is multi-layered Southern Blues with musical flairs and traditional, always relatable lyrics.

“I’m Free” is a blues song referencing cotton fields with a reggae beat.  “I’m free, look at me, I’ve got the shackles off my feet, the chains off my mind.”  Powerful and subtle.

The song chronicles his early life carrying water for 15 miles for 50 cents a day and picking cotton in rural Louisiana, and follows the last single “I’m The One,” that tells the story of learning the blues from B.B. King and Muddy Waters after arriving in Chicago in 1952.

“Running In and Out” “how many more times you gonna dog me around,” is a song about getting fed up, getting tired of sleeping alone, of dealing with someone running in and out of his life.

“I Want To” has wailing harmonica in a song of seduction.   “One Monkey Can Stop A Show” is a warning for anyone running around with more than one person, true and tongue-in-cheeky too. “I Can’t Stand It” is a song of sorrow after a breakup:  “I think about you all the time.”

Bobby Rush is prolific and consistently heavy duty Southern blues. There is a lot to aspire to and a lot to respect in this album and this music.  He has a knack for dealing with heartache and betrayal with humor and seriousness at once in the catchiest of bluesy arrangements.

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