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REVIEW: Brynn Andre “Honeymoon”


Brynn Andre – Honeymoon

This music from Minneapolis singer Brynn Andre explores subjects of liberation & loneliness through the eyes of 20-somethings. The teenage girl becomes a woman, maturing & wondering what happens after the honeymoon. Interesting concept from a young artist since that honeymoon could be the one after marriage or the honeymoon that was her teen years & they’re slipping away.

The 11-track Honeymoon (Drops Aug 18–Independent) ventures into territory that views life beyond youth. The collection produced by Matt Patrick takes the pop-oriented tunes & doesn’t make them sound shallow since the subject matter leans on Lesley Gore’s sword (“You Don’t Own Me,” “It’s My Party” “Judy’s Turn To Cry” & “That’s The Ways Boys Are”). Gore explored through her 60s top 10 songs the serious, daunting, angst-ridden situations with boys, aggressive bullies & standing her ground. Nothing has changed.

The title track has good production though it has that modern-day treated-sounding accompaniment rather than real instruments. It’s not electronica or techno & Brynn does sing beautifully with an evocative voice. Her haunting backup drifts around her in the melodic stream of “Honeymoon.” A well-constructed song. Nothing embellished.

What makes the tune attractive is that there’s a good groove & positive drive & the commercialism, though sweet, is not diluted enough to lose its taste. The typical hook repetition makes songs like this persuasive – it works.

While the songs continue to be confections Brynn’s voice on “Celebrity,” shows a strong Americana tone. Piano notes cushion the sweetness, the drums are laid back but power through & the strings are a nice touch. This is ideal because the piece has all the elements of attraction without being silly, lame, juvenile, or cliché heavy. Brynn seems to understand how to traverse this tightrope. Her lyrics remain tight, intelligent & creative.


Her seriousness never gets swallowed by their simplicity. The music is emblematic of younger people coming to a crossroads we have all stood at. While the song “Good Time,” has nothing but a good groove to recommend it & the treated instrumentation never attracts my ear there’s no denying the lyrics are intelligent & that makes a difference.

“Sad,” features acoustic guitar & colorful language with Brynn’s excellent ballad voice. Many songs that follow are equally catchy. Not easily predictable. Some ideas are vintage, but the manner Brynn has chosen to express herself gives the tunes their resonance. With a change in direction, Brynn could be a 21st Century Blondie (Debbie Harry). She has that genuine attraction (“Bambi” & “Trailblazing”). But she’d have to get a little more edgy. Brynn’s vibrato is impeccable on the highly melodic “Strawberry Wine.” Wonderful.

Highlights – “Honeymoon,” “Celebrity,” “Good Time,” “Sad,” “Fertile Ground,” “Reliable Man,” “Canyon Heart,” “Strawberry Wine” & “Trailblazing.”

CD cover photo by Swandive Studios. The 49-minute CD @ Bandcamp +

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