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REVIEW: Dulcie Taylor “Edges of Silver”


Dulcie Taylor – Edges of Silver

Dulcie Taylor released her 5 song EP Edges of Silver a few weeks ago. George Nauful produced 4 of the songs, with co-production by Damon Castillo and Dulcie Taylor, while the last track was produced by Grammy-winning producer Bob Cutarella.

Nostalgia and a touch of wistful longing are the predominant features of each song on the EP.

“Backbeat in His Blood” is an homage to an entire group of foundational musicians, and is done in a groovy, positive way.   “We Almost Got It Right” is a poignant reflection on relationships, and the realization that the best we can offer is the best that we can do.  Thoughtful and true.

“Soft Place To Fall” provides a grateful look at those who truly support us when life gets scary and tough.  Again, Dulcie hits the nail of human experience on the head.   “Call me… you know I’ll be your soft place to fall.” “Sometimes Love Ain’t Enough” shines the spotlight on times when, well, as the title says, sometimes it takes more than love to make something last.  Dulcie showcases her most gentle vocals on the one.

In the EP close, “Somewhere Bright,”  we get suspense, sustain, and the admonition to keep  at least believing there will be a silver lining, and the moon will appear, figuratively, when the clouds finally lift.

This EP is a nice one for your collection.

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Find more information on Dulcie here: https://www.dulcietaylor.com

Musicians on the album are Dulcie Taylor on lead vocals, acoustic guitar; and backing vocals; Damon Castillo on electric lead guitar, slide guitar; bass, piano keys, and string pad; Paul Griffith on drums; Bob Gross on bass guitar; Scott Breadman on percussion; Kristian Ducharme on Hammond B3 and keyboard; George Nauful on backing vocals, electric guitar, rhythm guitar and kick drum; Sean Sullivan on drums; Jason deCouto on backing vocals; Bob Cutarella on drums; Andrew Schwartz on keyboard; and Josh Ehrhart on programming.



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