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Video Premiere: Dulcie Taylor “Backbeat In His Blood”

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Dulcie Taylor – “Back Beat In His Blood”

Dulcie Taylor

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Dulcie Taylor’s song “Back Beat In His Blood” from her forthcoming album Edges of Silver, due to be released on Mesa BlueMoon Records on June 30.  The album was produced by George Nauful, co-produced by Dulcie Taylor and Damon Castillo, with one track produced by Bob Cutarella.

“Backbeat In His Blood” (written by Dulcie Taylor, George Nauful) is Dulcie Taylor on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, lead guitar and backing vocals; George Nauful on lead electric and electric guitar; Damon Castillo on electric lead guitar; Paul Griffith on drums; Bob Gross on bass; Scott Breadman on percussion; and Kristian Ducharme on Hammond B3.

Trevor Lawrence filmed and produced the video, including editing and syncing.  The song is blues grooving on the faster side, with the backbeat intended to be the pulse of us all, and the Hammond B3 subtly punctuating, as the story that traces a lifetime through American history and loving rock ‘n wall along the way.  The Summer of Love, Elvis, the Beatles, a Man on the Moon, the Vietnam War, and lots more imagery while we’re surfing the music wave all the way through. A song with very wide appeal.

I was thinking one day, at this point, the backbeat is in the blood of everyone breathing. Then I thought about how rock ‘n’ roll and all its manifestations started. There are so many wonderful sides to that story and I wanted to touch on some of them, musical and historical. I do believe that what happens in our world shapes the art that comes out of it, and that the art turns around and shapes how we perceive ourselves and how we experience and respond to our world. I believe art is communication. And communication is vital to keeping our world moving forward toward a sustainable future built on compassion for each other and for the Earth we stand on.

Trevor Lawrence and I have worked together on videos for a long time and we always have such fun doing it. We both knew that the video would be mostly images responding to the lyrics of ‘Backbeat in His Blood,’ but he did want some live video of me playing. He always chooses great settings for when he’s filming me. We were out in the beautiful Central Coast of California near Avila for my part of this one. Our hills are so magnificently green right now because we’ve had so much rain. I always get to see some part of California I haven’t seen when we go shoot outside somewhere (he’s my Nature Guide). When it was time to put images to the song, I knew Trevor would do a great job. I love his aesthetic sense of what will accompany and lift up the lyrics, what will move people visually. He had a lot of fun with this one. I had told him that I wanted it to be as literal a translation from lyrics to film as we’ve done yet. Of course, he comes up with such special touches – like the man looking through the camera or the white flowers blowing in the wind. I love how Trevor inserts the live footage of me with the images, seamless and like it was meant to be. I’m so fortunate to have him as my videographer. — Dulcie Taylor

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