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Video Premiere: Kevin William Ball “Helluva Town”

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Kevin William Ball – “Helluva Town”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Kevin William Ball’s song “Helluva Town,” from his forthcoming album due to be released on August 4.  The album was produced and engineered by Dave Coleman, recorded at Howard’s Apartment Studio, and mastered by Alex McCullough at True East Mastering.

“Helluva Town” is Dan Seymour on bass; Tim Carroll on lead guitar; Pete Finney on lap steel; Chris Benelli on drums; Kevin William Ball on guitar and vocals; and Dave Coleman on backup guitar.

The video was created by Markey Blue Production.

You know that feeling when the soul of your town vanishes in development and upheaval and whole new crowd clamoring for instant gratification and easy entertainment moves in?  I’d say most of us know that feeling, whether it’s as obvious as the tourism in Nashville or just developers ripping up yet another beautiful forest, and in “Helluva Town,” Kevin William Ball captures it quite clearly.  And the video provides the visuals interlock with the sentiment. Let the swingy groove of this song remind you you’re not alone, and clear your headache.

Me and my co-writer Dan Eubanks were sitting around my writing table one night drinking, smoking and bitching and this one came out of that. It’s pretty much what you do in any town when you’re trying to make it. Nashville happened to be ours. It is a ‘Helluva Town’…. –  Kevin William Ball

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