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Song Premiere: My Sister, My Brother “Almost There”

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My Sister, My Brother  – “Almost There”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of My Sister, My Brother’s song “Almost There” from their forthcoming self-titled album My Sister, My Brother II.  My Sister, My Brother II was produced by My Sister, My Brother; recorded at Silent Desert Studio in Nolensville, TN; mixed by Justin Tocket at Dockside Studios, in Maurice, LA; and mastered by Andrew Darby at Georgetown Masters in Nashville.

“Almost There” is Sean McConnell on vocals, guitar, and drums;  Garrison Starr on vocals; and Peter Groenwald on piano. There’s a certain energetic attunement we all get when we’re optimistic and in the space of forgiveness, and this supergroup of songwriters have captured this attitude purely and exactly in the beautiful melodies of this song.

“Almost There” is a song about forgiveness. A word that gets tossed around a lot but can take a lifetime to figure out. Whether it’s a lover, friend, family member, or any other relationship, this song is about how the deepest love can get lost and need to find its way back again and how we can hold that hope. — Sean McConnell

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