REVIEW: Geanies “Can’t See the Sun”


Geanies – Can’t See The Sun

Geanies have a new EP, Can’t See the Sun, which was recorded at Fitting Room Studio, produced and mixed by Steve Berns and KP Hawthorn and released on Mule Kick Records.

The 5 song EP is catchy and hypnotic alt rock style music. “Bury Me,” the first song on the project starts out strong with almost Eddie Vedder-style vocal tones, beseeching and calling out for relief.

The title track, “Can’t See the Sun” continues the rhythmic hypnotic style in a beckoning out from the darkness with anguish we can all relate to.  Layers of electric guitar later in the song are innovative and exciting. “Here She Comes” sports more distortion and again carries your mood through the darkness with the clear sense that you are not alone.  Sean Michael Howe’s vocals are comforting on this one somehow amidst the heaviness and the song is full and complete:  “hitch a ride now.”

“I’d Like to Buy the World” takes you on an otherworldly ride with the driving guitars and almost psychedelic vocals.

The whole thing is a treat. This outfit from Venice California has everything a stadium rock show needs and when you press play, you immediately envision their powerfully delivered big stage show.

Musicians on the album are Sean Michael Howe on vocals and guitar; Ethan Maxwell on drums and Eliot Lorango on bass. All songs were written by Sean Michael Howe.

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