The Watson Twins

REVIEW: The Watson Twins “Holler”


The Watson Twins – Holler

These young talented twins look a little sweet & innocent on the cover of their new CD but be assured – these musicians have assertive vocals, striking kick-ass musicianship & a plethora of pristine melodies all performed with vitality & harmony. Cross the Indigo Girls, Heart with Abba & The Watson Twins will ignite from the fuse.

The Watson Twins

The Watson Twins (Chandra & Leigh Watson) sparkle on their 7th studio album. I found this appealing because they’re not loading up their tunes with typical cookie-cutter song fodder. These tunes may be pastries, but they conceal strong liquor beneath the cake.

This 10-cut Holler (Drops June 23–Bloodshot Records) was produced by Grammy-nominated Butch Walker (vocals/acoustic & electric guitars) & recorded “live” at his studio in Nashville, TN. The duo provides energy, signature harmonies, unified vocals, appealing vibes & a little vintage tint. Quite an elaborate creative showcase & the title cut “Holler” followed by “Sissy Said” – rock, stomp n’ romp. Love it.


While it sounds a bit novelty “Honky Tonk Heart,” swoons with saloon flavor, There’s a richness to the way the twin’s vocals radiate warmth on a winter day. Their material never seeps through the speakers with a cliché-rich silliness. The production is well-established & sounds closer to The McGarrigle Sisters. I’d even say the vocal harmony cleverness of The Roches – though The Watsons don’t sing songs as eccentric as The Roches.

Their songs are cleverly conceived & as simple as some are — “My Name,” with its honkytonk piano drumming the keys in what sounds like an Everly Brothers effort is whipped-up Watson-style cotton candy for the ears. No pulp — just emanates a good feeling throughout. Impressive.

In a quieter moment “Love You the Best,” finds the twins singing in unison with chiming guitars in a well-recorded piece with decisive rock guitar licks that entice. With the infectious melody of “Southern Manners,” the tune is a bit Beatlesque. Much the same as Allison Moorer’s “Cold In California,” was. This song’s been a long-standing tune with The Watson Twins.

The engaging finale “Two Timin’” is another country stomp sifted through the voices closer now to The Roches. This is well-crafted & digs deep into the ears where the delightful melody Q-tips & tickles away among the eardrum & wax.

Highlights – “Holler,” “Sissy Said,” “The Palace,” the expressively sung “Hundred Miles,” “Honky Tonk Heart,” “My Name,” “Love You the Best,” “Southern Manners” & “Two Timin.’”

Musicians – Steven Cooper (acoustic, electric, slide & 12-string guitars), Thayer Sarrano (piano/organ), Owen Beverly (bass), Sam Wiseman (drums) & Soren Hansen (harmonica).

The CD has a stitched lyric insert. Both color photos by Elizabeth O. Baker. The 34-minute CD @ Amazon &



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