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REVIEW: Stuart Chaseman “Secrets, Lies, & Alibis”


Stuart Chaseman – Secrets, Lies & Alibis 

by Josh Nelson

The newest album by American Roots-Rock artist Stuart Chaseman is as authentic and whole-hearted as the artist himself.

Stuart Chaseman, the Chicago-based musician and songwriter, recently took the internet by storm through his appearance on the Netflix show Jewish Matchmaking. People from all corners of the net, from TikTok to Insider and beyond, all applaud Chaseman for being his most authentic self. However, his authenticity and true-to-self nature also shines through his music. Stuart Chaseman released his newest album, Secrets, Lies, & Alibis, on May 19th, and there is much to say about it.

Many different media outlets have compared Chaseman to artists such as Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty. It would be more apt to say that Chaseman’s music is comparable to a paradox. For one, his voice is rough around the edges, but this only lends itself to the overall charm of his tracks. Chaseman’s lyrics teem with melancholy and are often self-despairing, and yet the instruments accompanying them lift these lyrics. There is something to be said about how that works. That is, it works for Chaseman’s music in a baffling, almost peculiar manner.

Highlights From Secrets, Lies & Alibis

To this end, a few of the absolute stand-out tracks we recommend you listen to include:

“Little Girl Blue,” the third track on this album, begins slowly but earnestly. It tells a story of Chaseman losing out on a chance for love, a story many of us can relate to on a deep level.

“The Day I Stop Loving You,” the track immediately following “Little Girl Blue,” has Chaseman singing an ode to his love for a partner. It is sincere and heartfelt, tugging at our emotions in a way that feels all too real.

“Nights Like These,” the album’s seventh track, speaks frankly on faith, love, and loneliness, and how these all factor into the introspections of the artist.

“Ring on Your Finger,” the album’s ninth track, gives us perhaps another glimpse into the artist’s life. Like “Little Girl Blue,” it tells of a missed opportunity for love, and one that is surely just as relatable.

Finally, “I Fuckng Hate Myself” [sic], the eleventh track on Secrets, Lies, & Alibis, is an upbeat, self-deprecating jab by the artist. It is another love song, but one in the wake of something that Chaseman has been hurting from.

Our Verdict On Secrets, Lies, & Alibis By Stuart Chaseman

Secrets, Lies, & Alibis is a sixteen-track album filled to the brim with endearing cynicism and brutal introspection. Perhaps most captivating of all, it also holds a ton of charm, stemming from Stuart Chaseman’s unrelenting authenticity. In this way, we can absolutely see the appeal of the artist to the masses online. If you watch Jewish Matchmaking for yourself, you can see his true and authentic self. However, if you listen to this album, you’ll see that Chaseman’s sincerity shines through his music as well.

You can listen to Stuart Chaseman’s newest album, Secrets, Lies, & Alibis on Spotify. Find more information here:

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