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REVIEW: Jeremie Albino “Tears You Hide”


Jeremie Albino – Tears You Hide

Sounding a bit old-fashioned on the short opener Jeremie Albino lights a fuse on his sophomore CD when he ignites his tenor on “Angeline.” A perfectly rollicking rocker that tells me some people still get it. This is dynamism at its best – accentuated, driving & constructed with an air of creativity that is rare today. And what’s really beautiful is that it’s short & sweet. Just when you think he may have shot it all in this tune you’d be wrong. “You I’m Waitin’ On,” is another piece of musical chocolate with rock n’ roll liquor in it.

Jeremie Albino

The voice is unorthodox & that too is what makes it all attractive. That’s what made many early rockers important. The punkish vocal of early Elvis, the wailing rock of Little Richard, the sweeter voice of Buddy Holly, the bluesier vocal of Fats Domino, the maniacal vocal of Jerry Lee Lewis – now we can add Toronto-based Jeremie Albino who also adds in a smooth soulful enhancement to “Across the Hall.” It’s a mixed bag but it’s cohesive. The man knows what he’s doing. If he was a student of rock music & its many traditions he was an A student.


This collection Tears You Hide (Dropped June 9–Independent) is 11 masterfully skillfully written & performed & arranged songs that are tried & true to the magic that was rock music in the 60s – but these Albino songs are not retro. Let me say that once more – they’re not retro. They zing, they sting, & they shred the trappings of cliches & candy-coated melodies that have infected rock music for years. No “Eye of the Tiger” on these tunes.

The title song “Tears You Hide,” & “Klondike Song” are KO punch songs. Albino is a captivating songwriter & he knows how to take what he’s written & perform it with power & exuberance. When you successfully merge blues & soul together you get this homegrown rock sound that is expressive. Garland Jeffries had this in his repertoire.

Jeremie Albino

One of the year’s best for sure. Where’s that replay button?

Highlights – “Angeline,” “You I’m Waitin’ On,” “Across the Hall,” “Tears To Hide,” “Tumbleweed” & “Klondike Man.”

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