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Video Premiere: Suzanne Brindamour “The Boy and the Tree”

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Suzanne Brindamour – “The Boy and the Tree”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Suzanne Brindamour’s song “The Boy and the Tree,” from her double album Family & Shaded By Trees. The album was mixed by Steve Steckler of Asparagus Media and mastered by Charlie Pilzer in Tonal Park, Takoma Park, MD.

“The Boy and the Tree” is Suzanne Brindamour on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and keys; with violin by Dave Kline.

“The Boy and the Tree” video dance and choreography was created by Jadyn Brick.  The video was directed by Suzanne Brindamour with Bryan Reichhardt as director of photography.  Laying in the grass, dancing in the sunlight, this video bring the song into visual reality.   If you’ve enjoyed”The Giving Tree,” this song is a great one for you — a gentle love song pledging endurance, with acoustic guitar, and violin soaring in all the right places.  

“The Boy and the Tree” is close to my heart because it expresses not only my real-life story of true love, but also the fictional book by Shel Silverstein, “The Giving Tree.” It’s a story of unconditional love and sacrifice, something I wish more of us could share across borders and I love the way that Jadyn interprets and represents that through her dance. – Suzanne Brindamour

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