Video Premiere: Tremoloco “Mezcal”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Tremoloco’s song “Mezcal,” from their recently released album Curandera Volume 1.

The album was produced by Cougar Estrada and Tony Zamora, and recorded by Andre Moran, Dave Irish, Richard Bredice, Maria Baglien, Josh Lintz, Jacob Rodriquez, and Johnny Lee Schell.  It was mixed by Tremoloco and Bradley Kopp, then mastered by Dave McNair Mastering.

“Mezcal” is Tony Zamora (songwriter) on vocals, bass, and organ; Cougar Estrada on drums, timbales, congas, and percussion; Billy Watts on electric guitar; Jeffrey P. Ross on electric guitar; and Roberto Rodriguez III (missing guy at the end of the video) on vocals.

The video was filmed and edited by Cari Pike, Tony Zamora, Roberto Rodriguez III, and Cougar Estrada.  It was filmed using  iPhones, iPads and iMovie.  Visiting a psychic for some healing and visions — and the story unfolds:  “empty beaches on a rugged coast, trolling with a broken line, California dreaming, running short on time…. we leave no one behind.”  Rodriguez is missing…. and there’s more. Enjoy this blues rock story.  Heavy guitar, lighter melodies, and a great groove. Have a great time on the trip.

On a working vacation to Baja Mexico we were set to have a great time. One thing was missing however, our accordion playing bandmate RODRIGUEZ…

From Baja California through deep Tejas and down to Oaxaca, greater Mexican folklore is replete with all kinds of dark legends and myths of agave/mezcal going all the way back to pre-hispanic Mesoamerica.

We tried to capture the feel of this mythology in our song Mezcal (no worms please).  

Find the music here:

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