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Video Premiere: Jaye Madison “Ride or Die”

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Jaye Madison – “Ride or Die”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of the duo Jaye Madison’s song “Ride or Die,” from their forthcoming EP MIRЯOR: Vision, which is due to be released on May 19. MIRЯOR: Vision is the second EP of a three part series.  It was produced and mixed by Mikal Blue, and co-produced by Dean Dinning. It was engineered by Eric Boulanger and recorded at Revolver Studios Los Angeles

“Ride or Die” is twins Jordan and Madison Skinner on vocals; Michael Ward on guitar; Dalton Cyr on piano and guitar; and Josh Daubin on drums.

The video was directed by Annelise Lounghead, with visuals by Wingman Visuals. Michael Mathis is the actor in the video. “Ride or Die” as a title captures that feeling of deep excitement that comes from knowing you have a partner in life and in crime. You can take the risks because your best friend and partner is by your side and has your back.  Jaye Madison captures this tremulous feeling just perfectly in the song.  

We really wanted to tie in a fun connection to Thelma and Louise within the video to give our audience an inside look into our sisterhood. We’re on the run after stealing a guy’s car. All of the shots of us in the car laughing, hair blowing in the wind without a care in the world is a metaphor of how we’re ‘stuck’ with each other until this ‘road ends.’ We were born into this life together, and we want to go out together. Maybe not in the dramatic way of driving off a cliff like Thelma and Louise, but we wanted to create the parallel that we don’t want to know life without each other. The line, ‘if you need an alibi I’ll say what I gotta say, I’d rather live a lie than live without you one damn day’ really sums up the song. We’re each other’s ride or die. We wanted to create an anthem for sisterhood. There’s a lot of women empowerment anthems out there, but this one really narrows in on that one person you cannot see your life without, and it makes it special in that way. We hope women can listen to it and imagine themselves on this road trip called life with their ride or die too. — Jaye Madison

Find the music here: https://stem.ffm.to/mirrorvision

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